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Mannys Quality Check

Why Buy From Us?

Getting a new guitar, bass or ukulele is an amazing feeling. That's why we put every stringed instrument we sell over $599 through a thorough quality check to ensure everything feels and plays beautifully from the moment you pick it up. This includes appraising the cosmetic condition of the materials, the functionality of the hardware and electronics, and the basic setup of the strings.

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Free Health Check on all Guitars

New guitars typically take a few months of regular playing to properly 'settle'. This is the perfect time for you to get familiar with it and to identify any concerns with playability such as neck relief, action, intonation, or string gauge. Once these are ironed out, you can enjoy a long and fruitful partnership with your new instrument.

We offer a free health check on all guitars within the first 6 months after purchase. During this check, we chat to you about how the guitar is playing, test it to confirm/identify any issues, and give the exterior a clean. If you purchase a new set of strings, we will restring the guitar and perform a basic setup to fine-tune the action as well.

PLEASE NOTE: A basic setup does not include changing string gauges and/or tunings. Advanced setups like that require more time to do properly, so are offered as a separate service.

See our Guitar Service and Repairs page to find out more.

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Tuning Up

Your guitar, bass, or ukulele will need to be tuned on arrival. We often de-tune stringed instruments to reduce tension on the neck during shipping, and even perfect tuning needs a touch-up after travel.

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