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Meet Our Staff

Friendly and knowledgeable, our team of experts are on hand to offer advice and support. With a wealth of knowledge gained through industry experience, they'll help you find the right gear to reach your musical goals, whatever they are. To find out more about the people looking after you, click on one of the following stores or departments: Online Orders, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or our Head Office.

Online Orders

Jack Ritchie

Online Orders Manager

Jack has studied sound production at RMIT and has collaborated with all sorts of other creative minds, working on audio for film, theatre and immersive installations. He loves recording weird sounds from around the house that find their way into his productions.

Tali Sing

Online Orders Assistant Manager

A talented multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer, Tali has an extensive background in customer service and has been a great addition to our Online Orders team since joining in late 2018. An avid cook, he also enjoys travelling and good glass of red.

Oliver Fleming

Online Orders Assistant Manager

Ollie has extensive customer service experience, specialising in both pro audio and technology products. A multi-instrumentalist, he began DJing at age 14 and one of his proudest moments was Diplo opening a BBC mix with one of his tracks.

Hannah Keddy

Online Orders Consultant

A passionate hip-hop producer, Hannah has performed live all-around Australia and has also toured internationally, including successful trips to the US. In her spare time, she teaches young kids how to produce music and runs a weekly radio show.

Dylan Griffin

Online Orders Consultant

Having DJ'd regularly for over 10 years, Dylan also produces House and Techno as well as the podcast series AU Underground. With a lengthy background in specialist customer service, he brings a great deal of knowledge and expertise to his role.

Louay Zoghaib

Online Orders Consultant

Louay started as a DJ in the early 2000’s, buying his first mixer from us. He has gone on to build a career in Melbourne not only as a DJ but as a composer, also working in recording studios and performing his own music at festivals and nightclubs.

Vinci Andanar

Online Orders Consultant

A guitarist, music producer and DJ, Vinci started crafting his music at a young age. Playing in several bands, he has recorded and toured internationally. With extensive experience in customer service, Vinci combines these skills in our Online Orders department.

Zac Corrie

Online Orders Consultant

With a background in music retail plus a degree in Composition and Music Technology, Zac has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to music and audio production. He’s worked on over 25 films and is in-house composer for Melbourne City Wrestling.

Brent Mirams

Online Orders Consultant

As co-founder and one half of the electronic duo Thankyou City, Brent has travelled to play his music on international festival stages as well as locally. He’s also worked in the music retail industry in the past, holding positions with Allans Billy Hyde.

Nathan Workman

Online Orders Consultant

With a degree in Audio Production, Nathan has worked on numerous post-production projects, including film, commercials and web series, as well as spending time at the PLGRM Media Group. An experienced guitarist he is currently working on a new solo project: GORDON.

Ash Giblin

Online Orders Consultant

Ash holds a certification in sound production as well as having a massive amount of customer service and retail experience, including in the world of audio technology. Away from work Ash plays the drums and helps manage the successful indie band The Lazy Susans.


Lance Harrison

Store Manager

Lance has a rich history within the business as a musician, DJ, producer, retailer and record label owner. As Store Manager, Lance leads a large sales team. He's a hands-on manager, using his extensive experience and always going the extra mile for his customers.

Ash Blakeney

Musical Instrument Dept. Manager

Ash has managed multiple music stores and departments across Melbourne. He even built his own music retail business as a co-founder of “Echo Tone Guitars” in Northcote. No stranger to the industry, his wealth of knowledge and passion for music is a fantastic asset to our Melbourne team.

Thomas Walmsley

Pro Audio And DJ Dept. Manager

First joining us in 2017 and working in Sydney, Thomas finished his Masters degree and moved down to Melbourne. A lover of Romanian minimal techno, burgers and Star Wars he has a penchant for collecting synths and enjoys playing guitar and keys.

Steve Williams

Keyboard Specialist

Steve is Mannys‘ keyboard specialist; an avid collector of synths and a seasoned session musician, he has played keys for 45 years. His experience spans the worlds of analogue and digital gear including synths, samplers, drum machines, sequencers and effects.

David Hancock

Guitar Specialist

Hailing from the South West of England, David is Mannys' acoustic guitars specialist. When he’s not drooling over lists of acoustic guitar specs, David spends his time praying to the Telecaster Gods, and even manages to spend some time with his family.

Rob Leong

Guitar Specialist

While pursuing guitar through the eyes of a hobbyist daring to dream big, Rob completed a BA at the Australian College of the Arts (Collarts) in Music. An industry placement saw him joining the Mannys team in 2015. With experience as a Audio and Lighting Technician, Rob is able to assist customers with a wide range of needs.

Che Walden

Guitar Specialist

An avid guitarist and aspiring guitar tech and session musician, Che originally hails from Christchurch, NZ but moved to Melbourne in 2014. With a background in many facets of the music industry he brings a wide range of knowledge to his role at Mannys.

Gavyn Kerr

Guitar & Drum Specialist

Gavyn made the switch from long-time customer to team member in 2017. An accomplished drummer and guitarist who plays in multiple bands, he also produces his own solo work as “The Delaware Project”. A passionate gamer, he enjoys playing online and cooking pancakes.

Ant Steep

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

Ant brings a remarkable amount of experience to his role. With a Master’s Degree in Film Composition and time spent working in the LA film industry he has a unique creative skill set that accompanies his many years of production and DJing, both locally and overseas.

Louis Richie

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

With a passion for audio gear and sound design, Louis joined the team in 2018. A producer who enjoys the process of synthesis, Louis grew up in a very musical household and has been playing some form of instrument since the age of six. Outside of work he enjoys films and reading.

Sally Ingram

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

Sal is a drummer/percussionist at heart who found her way into the electronic music scene when she began DJing. When she isn't mixing tunes or hanging out with her cats you will find her out and about eating food and lapping up the scene around Melbourne.

Bart Thomas

Warehouse Manager

Joining the team in 2017, Bart brings a wealth of experience from his time in logistical operations and the trade and construction industry. A self confessed jack of all trades, master of none, he’s used his skills and knowledge to help design and construct rehearsal and studio spaces. 

Adrian O'Brien

Warehouse 2IC

Adrian bought his first mixing desk from Mannys (Allen and Heath ZEDR16) many years ago, and it's still the centre of his home studio. An acoustic guitarist and amateur keyboardist, Adrian has an Advanced Diploma in Sound Production and picked up further studio skills interning at Salt studios in Melbourne.

Nickolas Mihailidis

Dispatch & Receiving

Having joined us back in 2013, Nickolas brings with him a wealth of experience having previously worked in several warehousing and logistics lead roles. Away from work he is currently studying a Certificate IV in Horticulture and has a newfound interest in Australian native plants.

Stewart Schackne

Dispatch & Receiving

A passionate music producer, who performs his music live, Stewart brings a strong work ethic and great amount of knowledge to his role in our dispatch and receiving team. Also known to enjoy a Techno gig or two on the weekends, Stewart fuels his pursuits with a staple diet of brown rice and leftovers.

Simon Georges

Dispatch & Receiving

Having worked in wide-ranging logistics and warehouse positions in the past, Simon saw the opportunity to combine this experience with his love for DJing and production and applied to join our team. He spends his spare time playing sport and writing his forthcoming album.


Jamie Hanford

Store Manager

Jamie began playing the Oboe and Alto Sax as a youngster but moved to guitar not long after! An accomplished musician (guitar, drums and keys) he has spent time as a touring guitarist as well as working for some of the biggest names in music retail, like Roland.

Tony Harvey

Pro Audio And DJ Dept. Manager

With a long history playing music as a DJ and in bands, Tony came to Store DJ with the aim to work with a company with its finger on the pulse of service and quality audio equipment. Tony has brought with him a great understanding of our industry to run this very busy store.

Greg Buchanski

Guitar Specialist

A passionate musician who’s been playing the guitar for over two decades and producing almost as long. Greg’s been involved in the creation of over 80 musical releases, including film soundtracks. Currently, he’s working on a biography of Peter Christopherson.

Chris Lait

Guitar Specialist

Chris has a wealth of knowledge in the realm of musical instruments and production. He joined our team with over 15 years’ experience in and around the Brisbane music industry and holds a Bachelor of Music Technology. Outside the studio, he plays with his band Osaka Punch.

Alex Palmer

Guitar Specialist

A lover of Post Punk, 80's, Goth, Noise and 80's & 90's Metal, Alex is passionate about vintage gear, synths, electronics and builds his own instruments and pedals for experimental music and art. Outside of work, he can be found appreciating art or re-watching classic Italian Horror films.

Shane Cumpston

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

Shane came to our Brisbane Store to work as a Sales Consultant after years of walking through the door as a rep for one of our Distributors. He loves to learn and holds a deep understanding of Store DJs range of quality electronic products for DJs and Producers.

Mark Petler

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

Purchasing his first piece of Vinyl in 1976 and first Moog Synth in 1981, Mark has spent his adult life writing and performing music. Having moved from analogue to digital vinyl with Traktor, Mark has a wealth of knowledge on all things electronic.

Vivian Hawas

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

Vivian joined us with a strong history in music retail, she managed Sanity's Dance Arena for 5 years, before owning and operating her own store - Ignition Records. More than a decade of DJing and experience with event management, production and staging means she's a versatile problem solver.

Darren Somerville

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

A self-confessed synth enthusiast with a passion for many forms of music, Darren was an ideal fit when he joined our sales team in 2017. Having worked extensively in the music industry he brings a unique set of skills and experience to the role.

Blake Howson

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

With a background in mash-up DJing, Blake not only has a wide and varied knowledge of popular music but also of the latest music and DJ technologies. In his spare time, he enjoys building sound-systems from whatever is available and runs a local pro wrestling show.

Travis Taylor

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

A producer and multi-instrumentalist who composes psychedelic electronic music, Travis has played the mainstage at the Earth Frequency and Elements Festivals, as well as touring the USA. He enjoys building and modifying instruments in his spare time, along with making things out of LEGO.

Nick Giles

Warehouse Manager

Nick started with our Brisbane store in April 2013 and since then has been a vital member of our team, starting in the warehouse working dispatch, moving to the front of the store into sales full time, to eventually progress to his current position as Assistant Manager.

Adam Swain

Dispatch & Receiving

A regular fixture on Brisbane’s underground house and techno scene, Adam’s experience spans event and record label management, but he is a DJ first and foremost. It was in this capacity that he got to know the team at Store DJ Brisbane, first visiting as a customer.

Joshua Gordon

Dispatch & Receiving

After picking up the Bass, aged 15, Joshua never put it down. He joined the crew in 2019, already having extensive music retail background. Coupled with his experiences touring in his band, he has a great perspective on different aspects of the music industry and what they involve


Carl Bentley

Store Manager

Whilst overseas, drumming in a jazz trio, Carl was given the opportunity to spin records on a couple of Technics 1210’s and was instantly hooked onto DJing. Carl has since immersed himself in the world of audio Technology, now gigging with Traktor and Ableton.

Frank Di Sebastiano

Pro Audio And DJ Dept. Manager

With a passion for audio and music technology, Frank joined us in 2017. He brings with him an abundance of experience, based on over three decades working in the audio industry as a succesful producer and DJ. He's proud to have had longevity doing what he loves.

Dave Truong

Senior Sales Consultant

Dave produces music under the name Kwze (formerly Kwa-ze) and is part of the Sydney beat scene movement. Between beats, his company diiTuning Mastering Lab regularly produces radio and club-ready tunes played by Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Sander Van Doorn & Roger Sanchez.

Craig Brinker

Keyboard Specialist

A keyboardist and sound engineer, Craig has been playing music since he was twelve years old. Currently he does all the engineering and production work for his band, The Vacationists and in his spare time enjoys reading long-form true-crime articles.

Joshua Cardozo

Guitar Specialist

With over a decade worth of experience in Music Retail, Joshua brings a great deal of practical knowledge to his role in our Sydney store. A passionate multi-instrumentalist, he spends his spare time away from music working on his car and motorcycle.

Paul Williamson

Guitar Specialist

A bassist, singer and songwriter, Paul has supported many top Australian bands in the past three decades. With a Bachelor of Music under his belt, he continues to play in bands and writes music for film and soundscapes for AAA Games when possible.

Julian Amato

Guitar Specialist

Julian has been involved in music his entire life; singing, playing guitar and more recently piano and synths. He enjoys gardening, landscaping and horticulture as well as sports, but his passion is song writing and outside of work this is what he dedicates most of his spare time to.

Dean Fennell

Guitar Specialist

Not limited to one musical pathway, Dean is very much at home playing guitar, bass and synths but is also well versed in the production side of the equation. He has a vast amount of technical and industry experience, having worked for PA and staging companies and as a specialist lighting tech.

Peter Davies

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

A long history working with digital music brought Peter to join us in 2013. A true tech specialist, Peter teaches DJs and producers through private lessons on Ableton and is also a mad Maschine fanatic. Catch him on weekends playing deep house around Sydney.

Elliot Jeffcott

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

Starting out playing drums at age 10, Elliot graduated into beatmaking and MCing. He bought his first Akai MPC from us, and has wanted to work here since. Known for his live beatmaking, Elliot brings his extensive production knowledge to our Sydney team.


Valerie Peovska

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

A DJ and producer, Val has played festivals such as Subsonic and Electric Gardens, while sharing the stage with the likes of Exos and Dusky. A regular customer she joined the team in Sydney in late 2018, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the position.

Brandon Mifsud

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

With a background in music production and involvement in the Sydney music scene, Brandon was an ideal candidate to join the team at our Sydney store. An avid user of Reason, he writes music as BeatSmyth and loves Jiu Jitsu and coffee.

Daniel Kelly

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

With a musical background that includes playing a variety of instruments; Viola, Guitar, Piano and singing in a choir, Daniel is a passionate beat maker and MC who, in his spare time likes to hang out at the beach, loves fashion and puts a big emphasis on living the best life you can!

Josh Peters

Hi-Tech, DJ & Pro Audio Specialist

Josh has built up a music and production career using the name Jostronamer, playing gigs in and around Sydney, as well as accumulating a pretty impressive home studio. Outside of music Josh is an experienced portrait photographer.

Kristjan Nelson

Warehouse Manager

An early childhood present of rhythm sticks set Kristjan on a path in life. Fast forward to 2000 and he was gigging at outdoor events, playing hi-tech, psy-core and breakcore. A massive fan of software such as Ableton and Traktor, Kristjan is also an avid gamer.

Ben Short

Dispatch & Receiving

Growing up surrounded by music, Ben is a long-time drummer and percussionist. Working in dispatch and receiving, Ben ensures that your orders get to you in the fastest time possible. When not at work, he can be found bushwalking in The Royal National Park.

Tom Goatly

Dispatch & Receiving

Tom’s musical journey started out as with him as a choirboy. Fast-forward into his teens and Tom discovered Pantera and girls, then Drum & Bass and records. Now he makes 170BPM Jungle-influenced beats. You can find him DJing at Drum & Bass parties and on Bondi Beach Radio.

Jake Bracher

Dispatch & Receiving

Jake joined the Sydney team in 2019, around the same time as the new Alexandria store was opening. A talented musician, his band Lost Tropics has been featured on Triple J and FBI radio as well as playing some of Sydney’s most well-known venues.

Head Office

Jeremy Leitch


The small business Jeremy started in 2003 has grown into the network you now see today. He is the sole owner, and as Director oversees the strategic vision and financial management of our company. Outside of work you’ll find Jeremy somewhere in the great outdoors.

Andrew Muller

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Andrew's focus is on steering the business - leading our managment team. He is in charge of the development of our business, and is contantly innovating in seach of a better way to do things.

Julie Abeynaike

Financial Controller

With more than 15 years of experience in financial management, Julie bought her wealth of knowledge to the new role of Financial Controller in early 2019. A lover of travel and spicy food, Julie likes to spend time with her family and enjoys being outdoors.

Paul Bridge

Operations & Imports Manager

A Western Australian import, Paul has been with us since the early days. His experience with us has led to his role as Operations Manager. Paul also manages our international relationships, and acts as General Manager when our CEO and Director are overseas.

Andre Hine

Purchasing Manager

Andre is the National Purchasing Manager, sourcing great new gear and maintaining stock, pricing, promotions and inventory for the company. One of our longest standing team members, Andre joined in 2006 after making the move from Perth.

Chris Green

Musical Instrument Purchasing

Introduced to Mannys by bandmates who were working here, our Musical Instrument Purchaser, Chris has been with Mannys since 2000. Chris has been playing electric guitar on and off for almost 40 years and is a pedal & stompbox fanatic.

Brian D'Cress

People & Culture Manager

Hailing from Perth and known to his closest friends as ‘Brother B’, Brian’s life has always been about music. Having worked for us in a number of capacities over the last decade, Brian is able to use this unique perspective to ensure the crew are happy and travelling well.

Toby Stenberg

National Retail Manager

Originally from the UK, Toby has been DJing since the 90s and his love for music started as a kid, influenced by the likes of Art Of Noise, Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre. Originally a vinyl DJ, Toby has digitised his world in recent years, using NI’s Traktor and Maschine.

Trent McDermott

Logistics & Warranty Manager

Joining us in 2009, Trent was the first dedicated Storeman within the company, a team that’s grown to 15 + people. Now working in a head office role, Trent uses his 20+ years of warehousing experience to oversees all things warehousing and warranty related.

Matt Crosby

Web Development Manager

Matt is our longest serving staff member, first coming to the team in the very early days . With over 20 years experience as a designer, Matt is responsible for branding and design and oversees our website development.

Luke Bowditch

Marketing Manager

A long-time DJ, producer and marketer, Luke oversees our communications and digital content. After three years working as an external contactor for us, and many more years as a customer, Luke has embraced this role; combining his interests and skills. 

Andy Cocking

Customer Experience Manager

Often described as ‘the over-ripe fruit’ by friends and family due to his sweetness and positivity, Andy's personality is a perfect fit for his Customer Experience role with us. DJing since age15, Andy merges his love of music and technology with his affection for helping people.

Julia Monsbourgh

Accounts Payable

Spending many years working as a professional musician (french horn for Opera Australia and The Australian Ballet), Julia comes from a long line of musicians and has also worked in print music and education sales. Today she holds down our Accounts Payable department.

Matt George

Inventory & Purchasing Administrator

Perfect for his incredible skill set, Matt's role as Inventory & Purchasing Administrator is that of a clearing-house between head office and our stores, ensuring the management teams across the country have what they need to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

Mike Blades

Admin Support Officer

Starting in 2013, Mike has worked for us in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. Clearly a valued staff member, this experienced traveller is also an experienced DJ. Now living in New Zealand, Mike has transitioned across to work in our Admin Support Team.

Jae Hickey

Accounts Receivable

Jae’s broad experience in business management and accounting make her a highly valued member of our team whose able to work with multiple departments. She’s passionate about social impact, as well the creative arts and loves House music.

Sahil Guharoy

Graphic Designer

An exhibiting artist with a background in street art, Sahil gained experience at several branding studios, as well as freelancing in design before joining our graphics team. Although not a musician himself, music is a big part of his life, and he thrives in a creative environment.

Matt Kennedy

Marketing Assistant

Springing from explorations of his dad's record collection, Matt's interest in music started young, playing guitar at age eleven and stepping into audio production and DJing later in 2009. An RMIT graduate, he joined the team as a Marketing Assistant in 2017.

Rob Hastie

Warranties Administration Officer

With years honing his customer service skills in Australia and abroad, Rob is now putting his skills to work in an industry he loves. His history playing traditional instruments saw him rock many a backyard, before taking to electronic music while working in the UK.

Ed Richards

Customer Support And Admin Officer

With a background in online customer care and social media, Ed joined us to work in the industry he's passionate about. Weekends see Ed DJing and producing techno, or out-and-about, exploring Melbourne's vibrant food and art scenes.

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