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Dream Builders: The Fender Custom Shop

Few instruments invoke as much awe as a Fender Custom Shop guitar. They are built from the finest tonewoods, sport period-accurate (or state-of-the-art) components, and have been hand-crafted by some of the industry's most skilled artisans. Fender Custom Shop's storied history and tireless pursuit of excellence has made it a destination workshop for elite luthiers from around the world.

Fender Custom Shop Nocaster

An Expert Team

Fender Custom Shop produces team-built guitars such as the Time Machine, Artisan, and Postmodern series. These guitars are the height of Fender's 'standard' product lines and provide a lifetime of peerless tone and playability.

The teams also build Limited Edition reissues from specific time periods such as the 1962 Stratocaster and 70th Anniversary Broadcaster with its Nocaster Blonde finish.

Meticulous (re)Creations

More unique are the Limited Edition Signature guitars designed in collaboration with Fender artists. These go beyond Fender's standard production signatures by recreating every detail of a master player's most distinctive instrument. This includes period-accurate components as well as all the modifications and road-wear these workhorses have picked up through decades of professional use.

The pinnacle of Fender Custom Shop is the chance to design a completely-custom creation to be 'master-built' by a single artisan from initial drafting through to final setup and calibration.

Masterbuilt instruments are works of art equally at home inspiring generations of players as they are hanging on a gallery wall.

Joe Strummer Signture Fender

The Finish

Custom Shop finishes complete the look and feel of a premium instrument. Aside from the modern nitrocellulose lacquer found on Fender's regular product lines, the Custom Shop offers 'Relic'd' finishes that replicate the various conditions a guitar might be found in after decades of life.

NOS Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster

New Old Stock

(N.O.S.) guitars look brand new. They use period-accurate parts, paints, and lacquers as though you stepped back into the 1950/60s and grabbed one off the shelf.

Closet Classic Fender Custom Shop Telecaster

Closet Classics

These guitars look they've been sitting unplayed for the past 50 or so years. They have very light scratches, yellowed plastic, and lightly-tarnished hardware.

Journeyman Relic Custom Shop Stratocaster


Journeyman Relic guitars look well cared for but also well played. They have light scratches, dings, and dents, as well as lacquer 'checking' (cracks where the finish has shrunk).

Relic'd Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster


Relic guitars look like they've spent their life on tour. In addition to dings and scratches, they may carry burn marks and have the lacquer worn off in high-use areas.

Heavy Relic Fender Custom Shop Esquire

Heavy Relic

Heavy Relics mimic the hard-working tools of the hardest-working musicians. They are well-worn in all the right places with bare wood around their tarnished fretboards.

Paisley Fender Custom Shop Esquire

Let's Build It

If you're ready to start designing your dream guitar, download the Fender Custom Shop Design Guide and begin choosing your components. Speak to our guitar experts in store if you'd like to discuss pairing options for your ideal tone. Your completed design guide can then be submitted to your local store for a quote and estimated build time. You can then rest assured that one of the most amazing guitars on the planet is going to be handcrafted in your name.

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